Wor(l)d of the Present: ABUSE

Adverse Behavior Underpinning Serious Experience

Of course subjects like child abuse are far more serious, but today's cause of this Acrosstic is the act of abuse against a poor route planner, that failed to update properly: after I'd used most of my day trying to fix it while my parents were visiting, my Dad trashed it on the living room floor when it wasn't functional in the end! Being a techy myself, that was very hard to handle. I proclaimed that I'd had it, and I would no longer perform route planner updates if he ever got a new one. I heard him mumbling something like: "That's the last time I've come here for quite a while", and replied: "I heard that!". Words said in anger, and luckily Mum and me are used to his difficulty in handling adverse aspects of reality, but it goes a bit beyond sulking.

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