Language by Intuition: ACCEPTANCE

Working on this website now with the aim of adding my girlfriend into it, I was jumping from page to page, editing as I went along. This page on Acceptance is particularly synchronistic though: Acceptance has been a big issue in my life these past 26 months. And quite literally, Acceptance of the fact my Wonder Woman loves me is an essential part of that.

Meanwhile, the ST TNG episode 'Cost of Life' playing here ended in Luaxana Troi showing up at her own wedding naked as is customary on her planet, only to find her intended mate to not be able to accept that. And no matter how rigidly I cling to 'normal reality', the synchronistic world of coincidences too perfect to be pure coincidence I also fully accept!

And they did not disappoint me: as I briefly stopped working here to get some groceries, a young man accosted me as I left the store. He requested that I bought him some cigarettes, and he was fully prepared to pay for them of course. But I don't accept my role in providing him with something that is obviously not at all healthy for him. Still, I must accept the fact that he will eventually run into someone who will buy them for him.

And the episode 'the Perfect Mate' which I am watching now has a similar scene in it: Ryker being seduced by the 'gift' who is to be the future mate who will bring peace to two warring nations. She wishes to play around, but Ryker is in no way ready to be her first... In a way the metamorf who is to serve is not unlike many of us: she is happy when she can make others happy, but even the most powerful of us cannot make everyone happy all the time.

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