Language by Intuition: AVERAGE

Listening to the Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate 2018 now, and hearing Max Tegmark say it: "We humans aren't here to be average: we should ask ourselves how this technology can empower us, not overpower us!" And I believe he is right: we human beings make tools for the betterment of society. Even though the four laws of robotics Asimov thought up before transistors were even invented, we are not yet at the point where this kind of abstract laws can even be programmed into AI. But we will start mostly with rules that are more logic, rather than abstractions.

Four laws I said? Yes: as I only learned myself just now, that in addition to the first three laws, Asimov added a fourth: "No robot may harm HUMANITY or through inaction cause humanity to come to harm." So, even though military applications will break this reasoning right now, I am convinced there will come a time when the people demand it! Because we the people will at some point be awake enough to

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