Language by Intuition: DESIRE

Hmmm, desires shift, and are not mutually exclusive: when making the image for this Acrosstic I chose the background image by intuition, and just now (months later) I notice that my desire back then was a prospering and natural world without borders. That has not changed, but my focus does shift time and time again.

Most obvious focus in my reality now is my Wifey, as I call her: not because we are already married, but because we both see ourselves as such, even though the physical event of marriage has not yet taken place. Right now she is weathering out a monsoon in the Phillippines, terrified of the thunder and lightning. And even though we can't chat because of that weather, I can ease her anxiety by showing her my take on thunder and lightning, and by telling her of my intuition, which tells me that we will be together for a long, long time!

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