Language by Intuition: EMOTION

Why is it that not all of us are overtaken by emotion in the very same manner? Where my girlfriend feels and expresses many emotions, I am the kind of guy who has over time let go of most emotions, basically feeling good most of the time. Does that mean I see life as bearable? Nah, it is awesome!

Mark Haughton is currently teaching me now the difference between feelings and Emotions: Emotions are the external manifestations of feelings. The feeling of worry creates the emotion of fear, and even though some part of me 'fears' not having enough cash to buy dinner tonight, I will show you how it actually works: I know that my reality I will always have enough because at some point I realized that "Getting Everything Just-in-Time is also Abundance". But my subconscious used that as a "blockage" to keep wealth from me: I always get what I need, but not what I want. Let me rephrase that: "What I DESIRE", because I wouldn't want my subconscious to manifest more "want"!

But on to the 'proof': Even though I canceled a payment to my phone provider to make sure there was enough cash at dinner time, I also noticed that said physical action was totally unnecessary! Because right after that I checked my bank account, and found that during the time I performed the cancelation, an other amount sufficient for dinner was sent to my account!

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