Language by Intuition: GIRL

Right now, an incredible lady has been in my life for at least 32 months already, and that is awesome to say the least! She challenges me to become a better lover, because as stoic as I am about my feelings being hurt, She shows every bit of her discomfort. At the same time she shows ecstacy whenever being made feeling loved!

Now we could say the two of us are addicted to one another, but I tend to differ (not begging here): the addiction is something else, but the thing we both take away from this relationship is connection. And Connection is said to be the one cure for addiction! I know, in my past my psychiatrist (a woman) claimed that love was a health risk for me, but intuitively that felt so wrong on every level!

Did I lack connection before? Hey, nobody is perfectly complete if they see themselves as separate from the complete Oneness! And even though I see many more connections than others around me seem to observe,

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