Language by Intuition: KNOWING

Although the movie of the same title with Nicholas Cage shows it in a different light, knowing does not always need to be apocalyptic: instead of a list of dates and coordinates of disasters yet to come, I encountered it years before in a more joyful setting: I knew without a doubt that my wife was pregnant even though she had only marked her temperature on a chart three times, and I also knew from the start in both our pregnancies that the resulting children would be girls. No one could convince me otherwise! Funny synchronicity is that Doro now sings: "With a wave of your hand, everything changes!" as if she is indeed experiencing the way her partner seemingly changes their situation: instead, he just KNOWS a certain future will play out, just like he wants it to.

I guess this comes closest to knowing: it starts with isolated events, but over time grows into the steadfast knowing that whatever you set your mind to will come to pass! Mind over Matter is real,

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