Language by Intuition: WONDER WOMAN

Have I been influenced into accepting my current girlfriend as the "One and Only"? Most certainly! And not just by the lady in question, but also by those who try to make me see she is "not the one"! Regardless of what anyone says, the relationship is between Her and me, and no amount of outside influence can end it.

I may sometimes treat her differently because someone made me realise I need to take care of myself too, but she is one of those voices just as well: I tend to be too eager to help everyone, and make my own wellbeing the balancing post of my reality.

And no, it is not that I am 'incomplete' without her: Even though she could be gone from my life in an instance, I would be completely happy alone, or 'AllOne' as I prefer to call it. But somehow my Lady has decided that She wishes to be in my life as much as I love to be in hers, so we keep coming back together for

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