Better Explanations Can Adjust Ur Serious Expectations

Many people will have a certain dislike of the word "because", if only because their parents and teachers used it to cut short the questions they were asking when growing up. I remember asking my chemistry teacher about why a given combination of two substances would produce one and not another combination of the two, even though the numbers for both added up perfectly. If he had only told me that this was because of the binding energies that favor the one solution, then at least I'd have understood. But "just because" wasn't gonna cut it.

As Trinity said in "the Matrix": "It's the question that drives us, Neo". So yes, if my grandson will come to me with questions when he grows up, there will always be an answer waiting for him. It may be that I don't know for sure, but I will always have plenty of context to expose for him to continue on his quest for more knowledge!

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