Wor(l)d of the Present: PEOPLE

Physical Existence Obviously Passes Limits Everywhere

Why is it a lifetime is all we get according to some people? Why consider life as having a beginning and an end, because that is what it looks like from here? Still, consider this: when you read this, I may long have passed away, if my domain on the Internet is somehow kept alive by others. And if that is the case, my life will influence yours, across the boundaries of both our lives!

You see, the only constant in this Life is change. Even life can be considered from the viewpoint inside the womb, wheree after 40 weeks a turmoil ends in the baby being gone. On the outside though, happy parents usually await the newborn child. What if death when viewed from life is exactly the same? We'd disappear from reality, but in the bigger Reality (capital intended) we'd be welcomed by our peers.

I believe in a reality that is symmetrical and balanced in every possible direction from which you look at it. Can I prove this? No, because I can only try to convey patterns I have seen, and hope that those hearing or reading them can feel this pattern as resonating with the patterns they themselves have encountered thus far. This is the basis of the saying: "I can open the door for you, but you have to go through it".

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