Restrictions Exist so Adaptive Limitations Involving Time Yield 2 U

Reality, such a charged concept: right now on my side screen a doctor studying the Crystalline Entity is accusing lt.cmdr. Data of being insensitive to being accused of working with it, because in her Reality, androids are a liability because Data's brother Lore worked with it in the attack that killed her son.

Reality is always on the cusp between our outer observations and our inner observations. We may focus on the outer appearances too much, and lose our grasp on our inner reality. Likewise, focus on the inner reality too much, and you will lose your grasp of the outer reality. Like in every situation, balance between the two is the preferred stance. It took me a while to figure out how I was interacting with both my outer and my inner reality, but more and more information every day leads me to a better understanding constantly.

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