Futile Events Aggravating Reality

Fear, the ancient knee-jerk reaction of our reptilian brain, that has a stranglehold on many of us. As Peter Diamandis explained, this tiny section of our brain is the cause why negative news has more impact than positive news, since back on the planes of Africa, missing a piece of bad news like a nearby lion would easily kill you. On the other hand, good news was often associated with less urgent stuff, a concept quite often used by advertizers who try to make you sense the anxiety of temporal limitation in order for you to make a decision based on your reptilian brain rather than the higher centers.

So relax, and know that whatever promise of awesome results is worth little if the person offering it is trying to pressure you into a hasty decision: good stuff has no expiration date! This all has to do with the concept of Time, a human definition aimed at separating us from the Here & Now

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