Functional Realistic Adaptable Machine Easily Worked On by Repair Kids

If I ever buy myself a laptop again, it might well be a framework. As can be seen in this , they are a repair guy's dream: easy to open, repair, upgrade, and even reconfiguring the ports is easy! If you require your HDMI on the other side, simply switch out two drop-in ports, and voila! The framework laptops have been designed with easy repair in mind, as their philosophy is the exact opposite of for instance Apple's approach to "Right to Repair".

All subassemblies are clearly marked, often with QR codes as well, and if you ever want to swap out your motherboard for one with a faster CPU, you can. You can even get a case to drop the old motherboard in, to build your kid a computer of his own. Heck, he could probably build it himself if you gave him the compnents for it!

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