Teaching Helps Evolution Implement Reality

And no, I do not mean education, which is the systematic attempt to make every kind of human animal climb a tree. That will work for a monkey, but a Pisces like me does not feel in his element that way. Teaching is far more a game of question and answer, of helping the humans of today to better cope with today's fast pace of evolution. If elderly people express an interest in learning how to navigate the world wide web to connect to their friends and family, try to help them as best you can. Some will succeed, others will eventually give up, and some will never even ask. That is their right.

We all have talents and skills, and passion usually goes along with the talents and skills. We develop the skills because the new experience becomes a passion, something we see as the one path we feel we should walk, even if the world around us wishes us not to. It is OK to follow your dreams and callings, even if everyone around you says you shouldn't! It may be a rabbit hole that leads you far away from common consensus, but in the end it is What You Are! Of course, your immediate environment may not follow you there, but today's possibilities for connection allow you to find fellow humans everywhere who are your fellow people!

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