Building Evolves, Technology Teaches, Experience Realizes!

In their striving for more life, humans are all trying to make things better. Granted, we don't always make the good choices, especially when information is lacking that would have provided a better informed solution, but overall we tend to profit from achieving progress in many varied and distinct fields of endeavour.

One very important area of knowledge growth is the Internet. Not only does it connect more people.html">people over vastly larger areas, it also makes it so anyone with access can basically find anything they desire. We all know people have free will, and they use it to do good or bad in the world. This is all relative of course, because what is good for one is bad for the other. Let's instead just call everything "light". This is much like the ceiling light in my bathroom, which has eight vertical tubes shining light on the surrounding ceiling. If I turn it on, you might expect to see the entire ceiling lit evenly, probably becoming less lit the further it is away from the lamp.

Instead, what I noticed was a radial pattern of light and dark pie slices, apparently created by interference between the various lighting tubes. This shows clearly what I consider to be the darkness in today's world: we all are light, but the non-optimal ways in which we communicate makes it so our bundles of behavioral light end up interfering with one another, causing bands of darkness to appear.

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