Interesting New Technologies Emerge 2 Reach Never Envisioned Tendencies

The internet can be seen as the great equalizer: it has enabled humans to connect worldwide, free to exchange ideas across our entire Earth. We may not always be able to come together physically because of more worldly constraints, but free exchange of ideas is definitely something we can do because of it!

In fact, the web is more and more resembling a massive planet-size brain, where computers form the neurons and the various ways of communication are its dendrites. And many of these neurons have a brain inside it because of the human sitting at the keyboard!

Peter Diamandis was said to have stated that any enterprise working with computer together will profit off the exponential curve of development of it, but I dare go further: since most of us work with computers, we are also developing exponentially.

Will the gap widen? Yes, at some point those that don't wish to go the digital path will differ in development to those who do, but it will not necesssarily be a matter of who can afford it: Computers are becoming cheaper and cheaper to use, and we will always find more ways to use them more effectively.

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