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In recent years, Architecture has been moving towards more of a Balance with the environment we live in. Skyscrapers are being built that are approximating zero emmission due to balconies with sizeable forests. Solar has also never been cheaper, and in a few years people without solar panels may be looked upon like people without double-layered glass in their windows are perceived now.

Still, we don't all have to be at the same level of development all across the planet. In effect is is not the size or direction of your contribution that determines its effectivity, because no effort is more ideal than another. In fact, extremist forces are always countered by the fact that less extreme measures tend to work together and produce more effect. Not everyone needs to be a Hero at the same level. As an everyday Research Engineer with a curiosity towards new technology, I find Elon Musk and Nicola Tesla to be among my greatest heroes. Yet the size of one's contribution is hard to determine. Who is to say that helping one person is any less effective than writing a book that will make many people adjust their views on Reality just a little bit?

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