Better Attitude 2 Love As New Connections Extend

Balance is the resting point that we end up in, when we detach ourself from all external influences. Some people only do this when they are sleeping, and that may well be the reason we humans need to sleep in order to keep functioning properly. Once we learn how to calm ourselves consciously, we can go without much sleep, as some of the more remarkable humans have done during their lifetime.

Watching Alien Covenant while writing, I just heard the replacement Captain of the ship say that those who have faith are extremists. He himself is a coldhearted atheist who believes ONLY what he can actually touch and explain. For him, obervation,reflection, faith and determination are better than depending on luck. While there is some point in this, but maybe not in ways he thinks: Everything is Energy. Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it, and your actions increase the momentum. Now that is where my faith lies!

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