When Real Intuition Teaches Inteligence 2 Newer Generations

Yes, I am an author. Not by profession, talent or skill, but by calling. I have a love of language, mostly aimed at Dutch and English, and the peculiarities that speaking these two languages has brought me over time.

My niche is Acrosstics, and hence this site became a reality. It will over time become a sort of 'dictionary of intuition', interlinked from one concept to the next, aimed not at shock but Awe.

On this page I've collected some of the books I wrote over the years in the table below for easy download (just click the covers to download the PDF files). They are totally free, as I believe in the world of positive feedback.

Mahal Ko Forever
A bundle of poetry for my
long distance love on the
first anniversary of our relationship.
A first book of Acrosstics, many of which are on moorelife.nl as well.
How to Beat the Matrix
Can we beat the Matrix, or should we just realise there always is a frame of
The Awesome deity I encounter in my Environment...
Self Inflicted Nonsense
How I dealt with Sin as the self inflicted concept it is. Love Yourself!
System Engineering and Design Architecture
The surprising things that show up when you consider everything as a system.
Love Infinitely Furthers Evolution
Third part of a trilogy
on Love and Life.
Art of War Once Moore
Second part of a trilogy
on Love and Life.
Infinity Plus One
First part of a trilogy
on Love and Life.
Make IT Real
The English SciFi Romance I wrote in order to explain to myself the awesome lady I encountered several years ago.
Driveby Cosmos
A SciFi story in Dutch,
which was written episode
by episode on an old blog of mine.

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