Together Intimately Mangled Evolutions

Time as I interpret it is just the most fundamental division of reality humanity has created. By defining time we lodged ourselves between the rock of the Past and the hard place of the Future. And yet, we can still transcend this concept and realise the Now & Here is all there is.

Where we believe Einstein's theory that in the physical universe no physical object can exceed the speed of light, more recent research has also shown that Intention can and does exceed this limitation. And we need not remain strictly in the science department to find interesting patterns that shake our concept of time. There are plenty of documented cases of reincarnation, since Ian Stevenson spent most of his career tracking down leads that corroberate the reincarnation stories many people talked about.

Many of these reincarnation links involve physical and psychological anomalies that link lives together in more ways than one: children remembering their previous lives, and recognizing the friends and family they had as their previous incarnation. Birthmarks and scars coinciding with the wounds that killed previous incarnations are also not uncommon. But I am not in the business of proving anything: believe it or not, and if you doubt, simply do your own research!

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