Incidents Need To Evolve New Teams Involved in Others' Needs

Intention has nothing whatsoever to do with 'tension'! On the contrary, if we apply tension to our intentions, we are subconsciously working against the purpose of our own Free Will!

The weird thing about me writing this, is exactly what Gustave Flaubert wrote once: "the Art of Writing is the Art of Discovering what You Believe!" As I write these pages on, I am in essence reframing my beliefs in better forms of themselves.

I am a 'Mind over Matter' believer. As such, I place more trust in my beliefs and expressions about reality, than I do in reality itself. Just notice how prayer is define here on

Last night, I watched a few Youtube videos on the research of a scientist named Radin, and his research on the force of intention: he took the double slit experiment one step further, by adding a human as the observer, and recording the results in numerous experiments: his work consistently showed a relevant correlation between the instructions given to the subject, and the physical experiment they were aiming their intentions at!

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