Advantage Building On Ur Talents

It's all about growth: we humans are constantly learning and creating, a continuous process of moving information in through our senses, and moving information out through our various modes of action. Where most of the latter happens by us sending information to our muscles to achieve movement in the physical world, technology is moving us towards more direct movement of information. Neuralink may still be mostly unproven where it comes to humans, they have been able to make a monkey play pong merely by thinking about it.

Of course this was a staged process where they first taught it to play pong with a controller, and then recording its brain patterns, followed by linking the patterns to the actual game and no longer letting the controller control the game, but at least it is proof that recorded brain signals can actually be trained to control outside electronic devices.

I am not ready yet to have a Neuralink device implanted in my skull, because I feel it must be possible to record the signals directly from the outside of the skull. So if I were to start experimenting with brain machine interfaces, I'd follow that path.

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