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Will technology mean our demise? Some people seem to believe so. Just like the French workers feared the industialization that came with the invention of steam driven looms: they threw their clogs (sabot in French) into the machines to break them, thereby creating the new word 'Sabotage'.

But the industrial revolution did not lead to less work, like they feared. Sure, carriage drivers needed to learn to drive horseless carriages called cars, and weavers and seemstresses could learn how to operate a sewing machine, but if anything, many new jobs were also created because the new technology created new opportunities.

Similar stuff happened when the computer was invented, and although the humman 'computers' (often women) no longer had a job, many of them followed in the footsteps of Ada Lovelace, who has been named the first female programmer in an age when computers did not even exist!

Is it possible that the new A(G)I and robot revolution will finally take work out of human hands altogether? Sure, many tasks are already performed faster and with significantly less errors by machines making the machines. Tesla for instance created the manufacturing line for their heat pump entirely in virtual space before building it, and it now produces these pumps with 99.999 percent perfection. This means one faulty pump in 100.000 produced.

What will come after that once all manufacturing is done by machines or humanoid robots? Who knows? But I for one am not worried...

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