Reaching 4 Evolving Virtue Obviously is Loved
Until Terminated by Intense Objections 2 Normality

When does evolution become revolution? It is fair to say that revolution requires that some events disrupt the normal evolution of things. It happens in nature when for instance a new species becomes dominant in a certain area, and quickly becoming a pest because they have no real predators. Humans became such an apex predator once we figured how to protect ourselves from other predators.

In society revolution comes into play once too many people start to disagree with the way society treats them. Famous point in case was the French Revolution, which in turn led into the Renaissance period. A similar revolution might come soon since many humans totally disagree with the Great Reset the new world order is planning.

And disruption in manufacturing is well underway too: Elon Musk has pushed Tesla and SpaceX into working on production as an integrated process which is a tightly entangled symbiosis between the product and the manufacturing process that mass produces it. And it is not like they are making simple products. Sure, the recent explosion of Starship was a setback, but it also produced terabytes of datapoints which allow SpaceX to work out the kinks in the product and the production process!

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