Technical Evolution Speeds up Logical Adaptations

Tesla appears to be a very graceful subject for generating Acrosstics (as the apperance of three of them suggests). And this one is particularly appropriate, as it comments on the engineering prowess of the people over at Tesla. Their actions produce a range of cars that is vastly superior as opposed to other brands, and many a Tesla owner can be heard to state with utter conviction that going back to another brand is never going to happen.

I never was an Apple fan, and still am not because of their vendor-lockin approach and their objections against right-to-repair, but I will go All-in on Tesla as soon as I can afford one, because of how open they are about how their products get designed and built.

But Tesla is mainly a software company, and aside from Full Self Driving they have their own onboard software, their recruitment software, their plant management system, and the revolutionary AutoBidder, which handles energy trading for the owners of Megapack plants and PowerWalls.

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