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Funny how "brand" is the Dutch word for "fire" as in unintentional burning of something. But in the English language, is is associated way more with cattle being branded, or entrepreneurs creating their own brand to distinguish themselves from the competition. That last one might be related to the fire of passion, but staying true to your own brand means never giving in to being bought out by a bigger brand and being rebranded as a consequence.

I myself may be passionate about the things I do, but I consciously choose not to go into business because it mainly involves having to succumb to more rules and regulations because I am a business, rather than a private citizen. But in the end I do still have some sort of brand: I appear to be one of the very few (if not only one) who can create Acrosstics that easily. But I do not believe in copyright or other exclusivity matters, and as such just expose them to the web of life that is the Internet.

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