Special People Always Create Energy

Space is a remarkable place. Right now I am watching "Patient 17", and they are discussing a tiny sliver of material which was pulled from the patient's leg: it contains no less than 36 elements, with the ratio of Zinc-64 and Zinc-66 being in proportions that do not occur on Earth, or even in the nearby galaxies.

When we visualize Space, it is usually in the form of a 2D grid that is deformed by a planet resting on on it. But the real image is more of a 3D box mesh, where the planet pulls the boxes together towards its center. You could say gravity is more dense towards a celestial body. Also, the rotation of celestial bodies is more complex than the circular motion often depicted in the physics books: instead, the planets spiral around the Sun as it circles the next larger mass. The entire dance is one of spirals within spirals, within spirals!

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