Does Another New Creation Excite?

I may not dance on the outside, but the expression above certainly makes my heart dance every time a new creation emerges from my being. And whether that is a solo project or a pair or team effort with human or technological entities is not really relevant. Our consciousness and thoughts are the invisible web that connect all of creation, and creation is not a story written and then stored in a book. It is an ongoing adventure, written up in what some call the Akashic records. In more modern terms, this is basically the sum total of our experiences over the ages, and a fraction of it is stored in the information stored in the billions of computers on the modern web.

It is not static either, as it is constantly growing while we discover new things. It has ebbs and floods, currents, eddies, basically any dynamic behavior you can imagine. Some have found ways to temporarily game the system, and one place this happens is in the crypto sphere. Groups are getting together to perform so-called pumps, which allows them to gain some advantage from the fact they know price will be going up. Similar stuff happens in the normal stock market, where pump and dump mechanisms are often employed.

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