Gratitude Always Makes Evolution Take Hidden Effects So You See The Entire Manifestation

It's not that I am the most honest person in the world, but deep down inside I've always had an aversion to those who game the system. I can imagine and understand their desire to gain an edge in the game of life they think is short changing them, but a game is most enjoyable when the entire group plays by the same rules. I long for politics where votes are truthfully recorded, rather than manipulated through all kinds of means.

That is why I follow Elon Musk and would vote for Donald Trump if I were American, because the first of the two is building the world's most transparent everything App, and the other in my humble opinion should have won the 2020 elections if it weren't for a sudden batch of votes at 3AM that made Biden just barely jump above Trump. True or not, this should be investigated until the truth is uncovered.

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