Common Reason Explains Advantageous Total Increase Of Nature

Biblical Creation is understood by most people to be a process with a beginning, and most people even see the concept of creation in general as an act with a beginning, a middle and an end. But let's take this as a common sense subject: in Nature, creation is an ongoing process, without a beginning and an end. It is basically the age-old chicken and egg problem, which has no end to its solution either in chicken or egg. If the egg exists, then a chicken must have laid it, and if a chicken laid it, it would have been born from an egg. In similar fashion, all of life is an ongoing increasing stream of becoming and being!

Even if we see creation as something outside of god (which it is not), then existence still does not start with creation, since god was pre-existing. Basically, biblical creation is much like god creating a physical simulation in which he (or she or it) can experience life itself in an ever-present increase of observation, feeling, thought, information, knowledge and much more.

But just how good is our 'simulation'? is it finite or infinite, good or evil, physical or energetic? We consider god to be all-knowing, infinite, but we have been taught that if bad things happen, why did god allow them? I put to you the fact that the powers that be in any simulation act like a cluster of soap bubbles: if any bubble expands to extremely large diameter, the cluster as a whole expands. The remaining bubbles can expand themselves like the large one does, but if they don't, the whole will in the end become one big soap bubble, which is mostly empty space, covered by a spherical layer of innumerable tiny bubles containing the large bubble.

But what happens if some or all of the tiny bubbles let go of each other and thus create a hole in the whole? The big bubble inside collapses, and in its death throws casts the tiny bubbles everywhere, but they won't be destroyed. They will however be 'the Whole' now freed of the big empty void inside it. Life will have become much contracted, but it will start to grow again.

Just study your cup of coffee in the morning, and you will see that larger bubbles by default become more prone to bursting. As Wallace D. Wattle said it: Life is ever expanding, and this means we can all access the Source of life directly, since formless substance itself is sentient and has consciousness. It consists of all of us, and infinitely more, providing infinite building materials for creation, which we can access simply by thoguht alone.

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