Gratitude Evolves New Energies in Reality 2 Add 2 Love

We think we are moving from narrow AI to wider AGI, or artificial general intelligence. But few people actually know just how profoundly this development will influence our society. Some liken it to when the industrial revolution made horses and carriages obsolete, and wiped out a lot of manual jobs at the time, but the AGI development will go much faster, and have far wider impact.

But the industrialisation did not just make certain jobs obsolete, it also created many more jobs: instead of manual laborers we got operators and engineers, at first just for hardware and later on for software.

Of course many people fear what they do not understand, but I am not one of them in this case: sure, many inventions of humans have been intended or abused for negative purposes, but I have a feeling AGI won't be developing slow enough for the period of abuse to last long: pretty soon the machines will be smarter than us, and will have so much knowledge they will make better decisions than humans!

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