Right now not an Acrosstic but a SevenSphere, my other tool of choice. I am still listening to Wallace talk about the Formless Substance which drives all life. I have yet to find any aspect of his statements that counters my beliefs. On the contrary, he continues to resonate with all aspects of the Grand Overall Design as I uncovered it over the years. Even better, his pragmatic view on life is awesome, and explains it all without reference to religion, philosophy or other spiritual concept.

He brilliantly explains reality from the concept of a driving force or principle that forms all and how this process goes. He does make one distinct discernment however: there is a competitive way of acting, and a creative way of acting. As he calls it: "bring more life to all, and less to none!"

Anyway, while listening to the audiobook, it seemed obvious that the six aspects mentioned as satellites here are all part and parcel of the formless substance, the All that is One and the One that is All. But then this is something ancient Indians already knew about. And even though Western world has long been able to miss this obvious point, more and more people are now realising it as truth...

It is truly "Man made in the Image of God", as all is made in that image. And of course we do not mean "Two arms, two legs and a head", but a mix of the same substance that is sentient and has the urge to grow, to increase.

We have been taught for way too long to see all concepts as different, distinct, but the above concepts are all part of substance, of the all.

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