All New Constructs Invite Existing Novel Techniques

A great example of miscommunication occurred when KLF asked Tammy Wynette to sing the lead on their single "Justified and Ancient": at first Tammy thought the title was "Justified and Anxious". Laugh all you want, because that is funny!

The video of it linked above however is no joke. It is jam-packed with all kinds of music styles, subliminal messages and subtle hints. I picked out one of them by playing the video frame by frame as it raced across the monitor bottom right:

"One's longing for legend brings you this myth in the making."

Wishful thinking, or KLF's mantra for making it a world famous hit? Some would call it a spell, while others would just call it a prediction...

And you may think you'd hardly notice this as it flashes along the screen in less than a second with only four letters visible at any moment, but your subconscious is sure to pick it up. That is why I painstakingly made it conscious, because the same intuition that makes me write out Acrosstics in seven seconds flat made me know there was a positive message to be found there!

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