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The subconscious is the part of the mind that we access when we use our intuition to get answer that wouldn't be accessible to our conscious mind. In part it is where we store purely habitual stuff like keeping our balance when riding a bicycle, or our "superpowers". Let me give you an example:

As a kid we had this game of jumping up on a low wall, balancing on its triangular edge, and walking as far as possible on it before jumping of. One day I had the audacity to try and jump clear over it, onto the street behind. I tried, but my foot caught the wall, and sent me head first into the street!

And that very moment, time stopped: I noticed my mistake, looked right to spot an approaching car, then forward to see a space between two parked cars across the road, and arched my back to continue my flight path with a roll, landing in between the cars while the other car went behind my back rather than over me if that maneuver hadn't been perfomed perfectly!

I guess it just wasn't my time, and it taught me one thing: adrenaline kicks your brain into high gear, allowing for split-second timing...

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