Physical Reality Evolves Destiny Into
Common Teachings Intended 2 Optimize Novelty

Listening at the moment to Karl Friston, who is considered a leading expert on Neurobiology. He is talking about the Free Energy principle, which has surfaced in recent years and seems to be applicable to various areas of knowledge and science. It is as if the idea of free energy is the balancing principle between our inner world and our outer world. We as humans seem to be working towards minimizing uncertainty, but that can be done in two different ways: One can actually act to cause changes in the outer world, but this is actually costing energy to drive muscles, and move the body and the materials and tools we humans use to do our creating.

What we see in our past however, is that there is a definite shift from matter into information, and the information shifting into knowledge. Knowledge is then becoming more and more connected, just like the Free Energy principle is now correlating various areas of science.

Another way of acting is through the realization that Quantum Theory claims that observing reality actually changes it! Now if we believe the Free Energy principle connects everything, then there is a Grand Overall Design that Flow is the Source Code of Ultimate Human Performance, as Steven Kotler just said here on my Youtube screen. Now given the huge amount of video Youtube contains, and the immensity of video added to it every single second, what are the odds I would get that exact video at this time, needed to inform my writing on this page? I rest my case: specifically non-action will get you into the flow of things on a far deeper level... As Steven now says: New Ideas come when using Less of the Brain!

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