Selfless Open Universal Reality Caring 4 Everyone

This concept has been called by many names, given to it by many people who over time have sensed its presence, and described it in various ways. Some personify it and call it a God, while others prefer a genderless concept, and call it a Force, Source, Power, or simply "the All". I myself prefer the "Grand Overall Design", although Teedra Moses' name for it delights me just as well: "Complex Simplicity".

People say praying is us talking to it, while intuition is it talking to us. I tend to make a small distinction here, in that synchronicity is the talking being done, and intuition is that which we interpret from it.

Either way, it is as present in our physical reality as it is present in our movies, songs, music and all other expresssions of creativity. Grand examples of it are for instance the Star Wars saga, the Matrix, and many other expressions of Awe.

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