Physical Reality Exceeds Someone's Expectations & Negative Tendencies

And not just someone's, but everyone's! Of course, not all see it that way, but life is constantly giving us more of every aspect of life we think about, every thought we create. Basically, every one of us is riding the train of thought during the everlasting now, which we also refer to as the present.

And a present it is, or actually an endless stream of presents: by each choice we make, we choose to open one, and leave infinite other ones unopened for now. But like kids under a Christmas tree we only focus on the ones we open. And sometimes there will be one that doesn't quite excite you, but that's OK.

That is the one reason why you should be an optimist: children are naturals at it, they don't fret the lesser present, but go forward to find the next better present. Even if you get bullied, fearing the bullying will only bring you more of it. At some point, you'll notice how bullies slowly lose their power over you, if you choose to focus on better things. And once that happens, watch out! Just like focusing on negatives will take you in a downward spiral, starting to see better will move you to an upward spiral.

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