Physicality As Source Taught

The past is a truly intriguing subject, since it is the collection of all changes that came before our current now. Many people think of it in a linear fashion, and even if they are aware of the exponential nature of our evolution, it is not always easy to see where things will lead.

Our common awareness describes reality as the collection of facts the majority of people in the world agree upon as truth. This however is a truly narrow concept, even more restricted than the spectrum of visible light or audible frequencies across the entire spectrum of possible wavelengths. Just imagine: two people cannot even completely agree on everything. If you have any grasp of set theory, then you know the set on which any number of people agree becomes ever smaller as the number of people involved grows.

What does grow however, is the number of realities some of these people agree on: where the flat earth theory is quite likely trusted by relatively few people to be true, there is a similar but maybe much larger group who thinks Earth is a massive sphere, which will be partly solid, and partly liquid.

Likewise there are different subsets of the human population that have differing beliefs about what is true in the area of today's technology. Where none of them can be certain their particular view will be the eventual outcome, all of them are either working towards achieving or avoiding their perceived view on the future.

But all are hive minds, many of which we are part of over the span of our lifetimes. Where I once was a stoic, my personal reality has now shifted to being more of a believer in positivity, in the belief that we create our reality, playing together with those entities in the world around us we think can make it a better place.

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