Can an Old Find be Fundamental Exemplary Engineering?

They say excess in anything is bad for you, but coffee for me is the exception. Being a writer and programmer I thrive on the stuff, regardless of the countless videos that try to convince me coffee is bad. I go with the one saying I always use whenever people try to dissuade me from it: "If coffee was deadly, I wouldn't be alive anymore!" Some people might call that jinxing it, but I don't feel any fear of it happening, and if there is anything I learned over the past sixty years, it is that if I believe I cannot be harmed by it, I can't. On the other hand, I have had a few situations that came accompanied with that nagging sense of "This is Wrong!", in which case I back off. Fear is optional, but caution is not.

In this we see our funny guy from Hand Tool Rescue restore a coffee grinder, so perhaps he is also an avid consumer of the dark brown liquid... Anyways, I am very grateful to him, because his videos have prompted several pages here on

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