Society has somehow made most of us people believe in scarcity, but simply observing Nature shows that life is abundant, and thrives in even the most barren environments. Species adapt to their surroundings, so they can first survive, then live, and eventually thrive.

When looking at technology from the perspective of one who thinks all life is a struggle at the expense of other species it is no wonder that many see only the dangers of technology. Those who see reality as the possibility for human to live side by side with his creations, there is far less danger in the fast pace of where things are going. The sarcastic saying is that "Specialists know almost everything about virtually nothing and generalists know almost nothing about virtually everything". The real power for humans however is to be a successful hybrid of the two: knowing enough about a high enough percentage of the fields of endeavour to be able to see the emerging patterns of Nature also being present in society.

The real point is knowing that todays culture is too fragmented into various specialisms to be fully self-sufficient nowadays. This makes many people feel like they would gladly give up their western consumptive lifestyle for a simpler and more live-able reality. But surely together we can find a middle way between these two extremes. A society where sharing our talents rather than selling them for money and power.

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