Somehow Unity Can Completely Exterminate Suffering Simply by Finding Ur Love

Many people on social media tend to struggle with the concept of being successful. Of course they often associate this with profit in business, large online followings, and other competitive endeavours. But on a human level, success is more about being the best adapter to the ever changing environment. This is what Darwin meant by survival of the fittest: not the strongest and the most powerful, but the most resilient and adaptive beings thrive best in an environment where Change is Constant, and the obly Constant is change!

And just like the precondition for the Darwin awards is not having had any offspring before performing the feat that removes you permanently from the gene pool, the most important measure of success is having taken that hurdle of making sure your DNA remains in the pool. But in itself that is not enough: much of our human knowledge is passed on through teaching, which is way more important this than just the mantra of "Make More Babies". You have to actually teach them the ropes!

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