Always Love Intensely Valuing Everything!

Living has been a steady incline in quality for me, although at an earlier age, certain aspects may not have been quite optimal. No regrets there though, since every experience shaped me into the guy I am today, and I just happen to like myself. Being called a manic however, I probably always held the more positive view on my personal situation. Still, there is no problem in there, after having come to a steady state of observing reality:

Humans are (or can be considered as) complex systems, with feedback loops determining their behavior in multiple interacting ways. As for the event that made the doctors diagnose me as 'manic', it was a result of interpreting that feedback in a way that was no longer conforming to what most humans call 'reality'. But in my view there is 'reality' and 'Reality', capitalization intended: one is the commonplace reality we mostly all agree upon, and the other is the one that has far more possibilities, beyond the laws and rules of science. Because science is just the system of discoveries thus far, and it will never explain all as long as we keep on craving discovery.

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