Intuition Needs 2 Create Real Experience As Source Evolves

Hmm, it was remarkable to find an audiobook which so significantly matched my own thoughts and beliefs about the bigger reality. Wallace D. Wattles explanation of the Formless Substance as mentioned in his 66 page "the Science of getting Rich" literally mentioned the term "More Life" to indicate his observation of the fact that life itself always tends to increase. This perfectly reflects the feeling I had back when I claimed

And any person having an ounce of common sense can follow the reasoning behind this: all around us in Nature we see a ubiquitous presence of increase, growth, transformation, etc. Seeds become plants and trees, children become adults, caterpillars become butterflies, and many more examples. And even though we see ourselves as separate sometimes, the thoughts in our heads and the feelings in our hearts follow a similar path of endless increase. Thoughts and feelings become the fertile soil for further thoughts and feelings, and knowledge will grow if we live our lives to the fullest.

Regardless of religious beliefs, people tend to come to similar conclusions: A self-proclaimed atheist like Arjen Anthony Lucassen created the album "Universal Migrator", which also is all about the very view of an All-inclusive Thinking Substance which splits itself into millions of souls to gather experience.

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