Many Engineered Consctructions Have Arms 2 Negotiate Intentions of Springs 2 Manipulate Stuff

Elsewhere on the site I've featured the restoration of the slot machine that the main actor in this belongs in, but since its intricacies require it to have an episode of its own, this is also worthy of its own acrosstic.

It is a delight to see how technology worked before the advance of the computerized technology of today. It enabled workmen to use plain technical insight to service these machines, whereas today it is usually only possible to swap out entire boards. This need not be a problem, and today's hobbyist engineers often have stacks of spare parts rescued from other machines.

But far too little technology gets properly torn apart and salvaged for good parts. Basically we Westerners bring our broken toys to recycling, where it gets jammed into big containers, which go God knows where.

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