Special Physics Intuit Rotation As Limitless Source

The scientific community is finally coming around to Nassim Haramein's view that rotation is an essential part of the realm of physics. Rotation automatically comes into play when Equilibrium is disturbed, and matter or energy is starting to flow. Just think of water in a sink, which is in rest as long as the plug is in. Remove the plug, and the water starts to flow out of the sink, creating a vortex in the process.

But even when the balance is regained, the spirals of rotation do not subside. We can largely agree that the universe is in equilibrium, but on all scales rotation and spirals play a role: the moon rotates the Earth, they together rotate around the Sun. As a result, the path of the moon is a spiral in space around the path of the Earth. Likewise, the Sun is a part of a spiral arm of our Milky Way galaxy, and this turns Earth's trajectory into a spiral around the path of the Sun. No doubt larger celestial entities are at play here, up until the super massive black holes, and maybe further.

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