Intentions Desired 2 Extremes Always Lag

If you are going for your ideal, be prepared for going the extra mile, because ideal is an extreme by definition. As I am writing this, Mum and me are watching a Yuotube video of a model builder building an ancient Bugatti model as perfect as he can get it. This involves a huge number of photos of a real Bugatti in weathered condition, and spending countless hours to color and build the model exactly as the original looked!

But perhaps your ideal life isn't that much about extremes. After all, we can't all be Elon Musk when it comes to achievement that change the lives of millions. Because some of us actually need to work for the guy, a fact that elon never underestimates. He always acknowledges his team, even though he might criticize them from time to time if they aren't responsible enough to do their job right.

As for me, I am content with whatever audience and influence I have, and merely enjoy whatever projects I am doing. That is in my humble opinion the best way to live a meaningful life!

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