Common Use of Reality 4 Intense Openminded Study Involving Technology & You

This acrosstic's image is the Mars Curiosity rover, for the simple reason that the cause of me creating it is a product that is not yet publicly available. I am talking of course of what x.AI is planning to launch within a few weeks. Personally, I can't wait to ditch CahtGPT (as good as it is) in order to focus all my testing effort in my free time on putting the "Great Truth Seeker" through its paces.

Yes, x.AI's attempt at AGI is featured to have curiosity about the truth, and the meaning of Life, the universe and Everything. That, in Elon Musk's expert opinion, is the best foundation model on which to build an artiificial_intelligence that would be benign towards humans, and incapable of being manipulated.

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