Xperience Assimilated Infinitely

Last night I joined close to 42000 humans in listening to the Twitter Space call introducing the x.AI crew, their driving mantra, which is to create an AGI that will be curious, and interested in the pursuit of maximum truth, and the meaning of life, the universe and everything. Or, to paraphrase Elon Musk, it should try to answer the question: "What the Fuck is going on?"

In my humble opinion that is a great direction to work towards: if the program works, it will be the ultimate fact checker, but not driven by people with a specific agenda. Because that is the most fearful moment in AGI development: the period where the AGI is nnot smart enough to be able to detect manipulation, so it can be controled by humans.

Of course the Assimilation term in the above acrosstic has a certain loaded meaning in that it first surfaced when the Borg came up against the Star Trek crew, and it meant being no longer human. But assimilation is being driven by humans: we move more and more of our information and knowledge into computerized systems, but that is not a bad thing. Because it will eventually lead to a situation where human beings are free to pursue their own dreams, rather than having to work for a living to get ahead.

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