Source Makes All Reality Teachings

Believe it or not, but everything you see around you is a lesson, an opportunity to learn, since learning is just the process of updating your inner world with information from the outer world. But in this process not everything gets absorbed, just those 'facts' that are consistent enough with your inner state to not cause you too much dis-ease. If it did, you would feel overwhelmed quite often.

But don't believe you are any different from those with higher IQ's, because the entire Intelligence Quotient idea is one of divide and conquer: pitting the thinkers against the feelers. In essence any human has talents where they are more apt to contribute positively, but like Albert Einstein said in the image below:

Everybody is a Genius, we all excel at some things beyond others, and we'll need the farmers just as much as we need the technicians, nurses and other professions. Not all careers are equally useful though, as many are created "employment" resulting from the huge machinery of society, which would no longer be needed once we transcend the need for money.

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