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Twitter is all the news, now that Elon Musk has taken it over. Everybody in tech followed that story with a certain interest, since it is one of those deals that was debated greatly. As always, Elon was very outspoken about his motives for spending 44 billion dollars to acquire the company. He wanted the app to become more truthful, and no longer manipulated by certain powers to be.

Since the takeover, he has weeded out the very overweight staff, ending up with about twenty percent of the people. He might have overshot there a little, but basically the company is now down to about fifty developers, and a more sizeable management and sales department. Apparently that is enough to maintain the app now a lot of its influencing functionality has been taken out.

And where will this go? It might well be the source of TruthGPT, which Elon intends to make a reality in his new company named This is likely, because Twitter has actually been brought into the fold of this new enterprise.

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